Legado Redondo Settlement Agreement – Public Hearing FEB 7 6:00PM

dondoeeThe newest iteration of the Redondo Legado project. Due to what staff determined was an incomplete submission, this version of the project was not up for discussion among the planning commission. Image courtesy Legado Companies

    photo courtesy of Legado Companies

Legado will be back!  Settlement Agreement under review and up for a vote before the City Council on FEB 7, Tuesday Eve, 6:00PM at Council Chambers, 415 Diamond street.

115 Units, 21,539 Sq Ft Commercial Space and 487 parking spaces. 5 Buildings up to 45 Ft. Still a Massive and high density project for this site! Rendering for 146 or 149 unit project has not changed at all for the 115 plan!!

No Mitigation required now that the plan has been reduced. Traffic still one of the most major issues.

Palos Verdes Inn remains closed. Hotel will be on its own parcel and no remodel plan has to be declared until apartments are built and ready for occupancy permit. No tax revenue and no return of jobs lost at this site.

Speak out and let your voice be heard !! Settlement is a bad deal – its all for Legado!!!